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Womb Yoga

Womb Yoga

July Womb Yoga Dates! We will be connecting with the Water Element, our energetic womb, our emotions & grounding in nature during this Cancer season.  This month is powerful for connecting with our womb &… Read More >>Womb Yoga


Prayer to Bríd

  Welcome Brid into my home May you bring comfort if I feel alone,Welcome Brid into my womb,May you bring fire to help my dreams bloomWelcome Brid into my heart,May I find truth of love… Read More >>Prayer to Bríd

Pisces Solar Portal

Over the past 4 week’s as we moved through the Pisces Solar Portal  you may have become aware of addictive patterns, behaviours or actions becoming increasingly more obvious to you. When I use the word addiction, its… Read More >>Pisces Solar Portal