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Imbolc & Celebrating Brigid

Celebrating Brigid

A warm hearted invitation to join me in welcoming Imbolc & Celebrating Brigid 

Sunday 4th February 4-7pm The olive Room – Gorey 

This gathering we will work with the elements of water, fire, air, earth & ether in ritual & activations to align ourselves with the energy of Imbolc. Guided by the Goddess Brigid we will be use meditation, movement, sound, writing & craft to prepare for the transition from our deep inner winter as we begin to embrace the potential of new growth & expansion that spring offers. 

An evening of connection, celebration & light-hearted fun balanced with deep spiritual activation & expansion. 

Booking essential – Places are limited

Past Activities!

Movement as medicine

Join us on 11/11 for a Saturday Night Dance Party minus the drink & the cheesy beats!

Dance has always been a big part of my life. It’s one of my daily practices & I go so far as to say it is medicine for me. It’s spontaneous & quite often just happens when getting the kids ready for school in the morning. It aligns my mind with my breath & gets my body ready to approach the day from the right headspace. 

Most people probably don’t know but my childhood was filled with Acro-gymnastics & Tae-kwondo! One taught me strength, flexibility, teamwork & how to use dance as a form of expression. The other taught me endurance, structure, discipline, resilience & how to stand strong in the face of opposition & aggression. 

Both taught me how to be fully present in my body. As an adult I’m becoming more & more aware of just how few people feel safe & comfortable in their own skin & this saddens me deeply. 

Through my events & gatherings I continue to hear from participants that they LOVE the dance & movement elements we do so I’ve decided to create a space for people to fall back in love with movement & dance as a therapy. I would like to rewrite the story that dance is only for the disco on a Saturday night after having a few drinks! 

Movement as Medicine

Dance & movement are SO POWERFUL & I would like to remind people that it is one of the tools we can use to quickly change our mindset, increase endorphins & access higher levels of consciousness through the body portal system. 

I will assist you to tap into your creative energy (call it Chi or kundalini) ultimately it is our life force energy that far too often we barely access. 

Places are limited

The next event will be held on the 11/11 Portal. For me, this day has proven to be THE most powerful day of the year for making huge quantum leaps in our consciousness. 

We have the potential to bring massive change into our lives on this day when we align with the galactic energy that is designed to help us evolve & assist us in getting clarity around what we want to materialise for our lives. 

Places are limited for this event to assure we all have plenty of freedom to move & get our groove on without stepping on each other’s toes!

Returning The Flame Retreat'

The stories & legends of mystical Ireland have been captured & passed on from ages long past through books, song, folklore & poetry. Yet, the deepest history, long forgotten or sometimes misunderstood, still lies in wait for us to remember.

Ireland has over 3,000 ancient wells documented, each with endless stories to tell for those who take the time to listen. 

Our ancestors revered these sacred waters as they understood that she is more than just a liquid, she is fluid intelligence. They understood that water held the key not only to the past but also to the future. She holds within her body the original blueprint of this planet & the wisdom to guide humanity if they were to seek her council. 

Not alone did water provide sustenance for the people & animals of the land, it offered healing properties & a gateway to connect with other realms accessing higher consciousness. Many men & women were tasked at tending to these sacred places. These ways are not lost to us as the memory is held within her body, within our blood. 

We are now at a point in time where an old paradigm is falling away yet the landscape for the new is yet to fully emerge. 

Water calls us to remember our origin, to remember our divine design, before we lost touch with our true nature & capabilities. 

She calls us now to connect with her once more & to rediscover the hidden mysteries that she has lovingly guarded for us. 

Fire calls us now to reignite our passion & commitment to our souls path. To embrace the fire as we walk the path of change & expansion. To rediscover the joy that fuels us from within & to embrace the fullness of being alive in our own skin.  

Together, Water & Fire will teach us about the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Principals, how these energies move within us guiding us towards inner union. 

The Boyne Valley has many treasures & we will visit & connect with some of the Sacred Wells close to our residence (near to Enfield). 

I am passionate about giving voice to water & sharing her stories. My goal is for you to open up to her mysteries so that she may guide & empower you too. 

Fully Booked !!!

Returning The Flame Retreat

The ‘Returning The Flame Retreat’ is an invitation to slow down & prepare to align with the Christ Consciousness codes that flood the planet as we approach Winter Solstice, the return of Solar Energy. As Christmas draws near, life can get chaotic & we can quickly lose the run of ourselves! This weekend is intended for us to fill our own cup before the festivities fully kick in. There is limited availability at the venue (12 people max). 

What’s included?

Retreat cost is based on 2 nights shared accommodation (3 single beds per room). This may suit friends or family. 
Double rooms are available on request (with a subsidy). Contact me directly if this is your preference (First Come, first served basis). 
There is an option to join Saturday only, however there is limited availability so please book well in advance. 
RETREAT COST: €299 (Including 2 nights Accommodation & all activities) 
€55 Deposit (non-refundable) secures your place 
(16th December – 10am- 6pm) 
Friday 15th: Arrival (4-5pm) & Opening Ceremony (6pm)
Saturday 16th: 10am- 6pm (option to join Evening Meal at 7pm) 
Sunday: 10am- 2pm 

Detailed Itinerary & location will be made available upon confirming your place.

*Meals are not included: Kitchen facilities available for use if required

Fully Booked !!!

Avalon Magdalene Retreat

A warmhearted invitation to explore or deepen your connection to The Magdalene Frequency in Mystical & Magical Avalon.

During my last visit to Glastonbury I received a very powerful vision & was given guidance by Lady Avalon & Mary Magdalene to return & gather more beautiful souls in September for the 9/9 portal….so, I said ‘YES’.

Throughout this Retreat we will be connecting predominantly with the Element of Water. We will dive deeply into the waters of our own energetic wombs (shared by men & women) to transform stagnant energy into lush vitality & free flowing creativity.

We will be guided back into our Birth Mothers Wombs through sound, visualisation, light language activations & meditation to bring awareness & healing to any blockages connected with our maternal line.

We will connect with our energetic womb space through movement, sound & mudras.
There will be a powerful purification of the energetic womb space, which can hold many karmic & family lineage programmes & patterns before we connect with the Upper waters of Creation.

Yeshua, Mary Magdalene & Yohanan (John the Baptist) will be working in a trinity to assist us throughout this powerful process.

‘Know thyself’, the simple yet profound instruction given to us by Mary Magdalene. To know thyself means to see yourself fully through the eyes of the soul. When we gather with open hearts to connect with the Divine within we create a portal of love, an access that reaches further than the eye can see yet its ripple effects are felt throughout timelines & dimensions. Gently yet powerfully we restore balance.

Working with Shekinah, The Divine Feminine Presence & opening up to HER mysteries is truly life changing for both men & women. It’s impossible for me to describe in words what unfolds during these events but I can honestly say that each person leaves transformed in their own unique way.

Are you ready to Experience what happens when you say ‘Yes’?

Avalon Magdalene Retreat

What’s included? 

🌹Three Full Days packed with Fun, Healing & Expansion!
🌹All entry fees to venues & places of Interest (with some private Access)
🌹Light Lunch & Refreshments

What you organise on your side:

💎Your own choice of accommodation to suit your needs & preference.
💎 Your transport to Glastonbury

Is this the right Retreat for me?

This gathering is open to Men & Women
🌹Who are ready to make profound changes in their lives
🌹Who are ready to step to the next level of their personal & spiritual development
🌹Who are ready to hold themselves accountable for the shifts that will occur as a result of our time together

My vision

I was often labelled ‘Emer the dreamer’ as a child because I dared to dream big! I learned how to navigate between realms & weave creations from a very early age.

Although sometimes misunderstood in my youth, my ‘daydreaming’ & tenacity have been an utter blessing & have assisted me in stepping fully into my service work. I’m incredibly passionate about & committed to guiding men & women back home into their hearts so that they can liberate themselves from perceived limitations.

Retreat Price

In Full €399
3 payments of €133 (1st Payment secures your place).

Revolut: @emerquintero

Magdalene Unity Gathering

Magdalene Unity Gathering

Do you feel a strong connection with Roses? 
Have you felt drawn to learn more about Mary Magdalene? 
Are you on a journey of connecting more with your Feminine Wisdom? 
Would you like to meet others who are on a similar path? In a world where life gets busy, Mary Magdalene is calling us to come together with an intention of slowing down, connecting with our breath, our bodies, our wombs, our hearts & bringing our focus to UNITY.  

Deep Heart Connection 
Ancestral Healing
Individual Activations to the Magdalene Frequency
Sound & Light Language Healing
& Plenty of FUN & laughter! 
Men & Women are ALL WELCOME!! 
All further details will be given upon Registration
Magdalene Rose Retreat Glastonbury

Magdalene Rose Retreat

Avalon 4th, 5th & 6th May 2023

Glastonbury (UK)

Magdalene Rose Retreat

Are you feeling a call in your heart to return to Avalon? Does your soul crave to reconnect with Magdalene Brothers & Sisters? 

Are you ready to deepen your connection with this sacred land? Join us in Glastonbury, UK for 3 powerful days of Remembering, Expansion & Reconnection.   

Thursday May 4th:


We will begin our gathering together at The Chalice Well, connecting with the sacred element of water to bless our time together. 

In the afternoon we will visit The White Springs Temple- a sacred candle lit Sanctuary with powerful healing waters. Here we will take time to meditate & connect with this ancient sacred healing space.Option to visit the Tor for Sunset meditation.  (Entrance Fee to Chalice Well included) Friday May 5th: 

We will gather together in the Beautiful Abbey House during the powerful 5/5 Hamsa Portal of manifestation which also coincides with the Full Moon in Scorpio. In the evening we will come together in St. Margaret’s Chapel to Celebrate Shabbat – singing, chanting & welcoming The Divine Feminine Presence – Shekinah. 


Saturday May 6th: 


We will work together anchoring codes of Sovereignty & Divine Union at the Abbey House & in the Abbey Grounds. We will explore The Abbey Grounds together & finish with a closing ceremony. 


This happens to coincide with the King’s Coronation Day.


Early Bird Price (until March 22nd) : £222 or €255  (Includes Entry Fees to The Chalice Well & The Abbey). Full price £299 or €333.


In love, service & devotion, 


Weekly Gathering

Meditation Gathering

Join me in the Olive Room Gorey for our weekly Meditation Gathering next Wednesday 1st of February as we Celebrate Goddess Brigid & prepare for Imbolc (The midpoint between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox).

Brigid is very dear to me & it’s an honour to share some of the rituals & blessings that I use specifically at this time of year. All are welcome to join but places are limited so please contact me if you would like to come along. Emer


Weekly Gatherings Every Wednesday

The Olive Room

Full Moon
𝟙𝟘/𝟙𝟘 ℙ𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕒𝕝 & 𝔽𝕦𝕝𝕝 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟 𝔾𝕒𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘 – 𝔾𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕪
Join me indoors all snug & cosy to align with the 10/10 Portal & Full Moon in Aries.
The energy of Aries will help us align with our pioneering spirit as we allow old structures, systems & ways of being to fall away whilst remaining eagle eyed & focused on what we want to build for our own future, for our community & for all of humanity.
Maybe you feel like you are the only one holding a vision that at times seems impossible? You are NOT alone & there are many like minded people with similar values & dreams living in our community.
Let us come together & transform those doubts, those niggling fears & align with our highest potential this 10/10 Portal.
I will guide you through ritual, meditation, sound & Light Language Activations. The Craic (which means fun for my lovely friends not used to Irish terminology) comes at no extra charge 
We are here at this time to leave a legacy. We are the bridge between an old world & the new world that our children will continue to build.
The old ways STOP WITH US….
Book your place to join 
Gathering Ballymoney Wexford
Gathering Ballymoney Wexford

Thank you for choosing to take this Journey!

I would like to express my joy that you are choosing to honour yourself & your spiritual journey by joining me & other like-minded souls.

Our planet & humanity are going through a wonderful transition. Navigating these powerful times is not always plain sailing & my aim is to assist you & deliver as many tools as | can. My wish is that you remember your magic & your unique essence that ONLY you can bring. Great change begins by each of us finding our voice, our power, our beauty, our creativity & our passion & our purpose. Let’s do this side by side & celebrate just how strong we are when we shine together!

Full Retreat Cost: €122
Early Bird: €99 (available until July 7th)
Meals/ refreshments are included

Weekly Gathering

Meditation Gathering


Join me in the Olive Room Gorey for our weekly Meditation Gathering next Wednesday 1st of February as we Celebrate Goddess Brigid & prepare for Imbolc (The midpoint between Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox).


Brigid is very dear to me & it’s an honour to share some of the rituals & blessings that I use specifically at this time of year. All are welcome to join but places are limited so please contact me if you would like to come along. Emer




Weekly Gatherings Every Wednesday

The Olive Room

Other Activities

Many are feeling the call to remember the way of the Rose.
They feel it deep within, a yearning to connect with an aspect of themselves that has been whispering, tenderly waiting to be reawoken. 

It is now time to reconnect with The Magdalene Wisdom and codes you carry within.

Since a very young child I have been guided by Mother Mary. My first contact with Mary Magdalene was on her feast day July 22nd in 2019. I didn’t understand at the time how much that encounter would impact on every aspect of my life.If you would like to participate in this one day event please register your interest & I will keep you updated on dates & venues. I’ve been asked to keep each group small so numbers will be limited at each venue. Part of this work will be connecting with the land so we will most likely be based close to sacred sites that I have been guided to.

I am currently looking at venues & closing in on dates but these offerings will begin in May & continue through to September.

Contact me if you would like to join & let us anchor the Magdalene Flame deep within us & continue to awaken these codes throughout the dragon lines of Gaia.

In love & devotion,

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