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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it

1:1 Sessions

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1:1 Light Language Healing Sessions

These powerful sessions work on a deep cellular level to restore balance, energise, remove energetic blocks & to re- programme limiting belief systems. 

Light Language is a high frequency healing modality that works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

I have spent almost two decades refining my own healing modality & many clients experience immediate improvements in their health & well-being.

Session 1 Hour: €99 / (US$111)
4 Sessions x 1 Hour Value Bundle  €299 (US $330)

1:1 Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions 

These individually tailored coaching sessions are aimed to help you gain clarity, focus & restore balance within your life.

I get it!! For years I felt frustrated and dissatisfied with life. I knew I had gifts to share with the world but I had no idea where to start!

Let me help you identify the areas in your life that need more focus, attention & care so that you can feel confident in sharing your voice and your unique gifts with the world.

Session 90 mins: €122 (US $137)
4 Sessions x 60mins Value Bundle: €299 (US $330)


1:1 Magdalene Womb Blessing

Did you know that the womb is one of the most powerful energy centres in the female body?

So many of us are lacking in desire, feeling stagnant & lethargic. Our spark for life has diminished & our fears keep us stuck in a loop. Working with restoring the balance & clearing trauma in the womb can lead to:

– Balanced Hormones
– Better sleep
– More energy
– Stability in our emotions
– Less discomfort during menstruation

– More clarity in decision making
Balance in the throat chakra
– Increased creativity & passion
– Heightened sensuality

These womb blessings are incredibly powerful & many women feel physical contractions and movement in their womb throughout the session.

Helping women to deepen their connection to their wombs is one of my greatest gifts and roles on this planet. I am incredibly passionate about sharing these life changing Magdalene Womb Blessings with the world.

Are you ready to reawaken to the power of your womb?

Session 90 mins: €122 (US $137)


Inspire, Empower, Self Awareness, Children

Ground – Nurture – Empower

We are laying the foundations for our children to build the future. My dream is to inspire and empower children to realise their potential as master creators. Far too often they are not listened to and they grow up feeling neither their voice nor their vision is important. 


Throughout almost two decades of primary school teaching I have come to see that when we teach children to feel safe, modelling healthy boundaries they flourish. When we show that we are open to receive their words and value their expression we help them to feel validated, more confident and more self aware. 


Our children are the new visionaries for our planet. They are in touch with their creativity and they see the world through a pure untainted lens. They have big dreams and it’s our job to nurture them so that they learn how to navigate this human journey with tools that will support them. 

Stay tuned for inspiration and updates on my vision to help support parents and children. Let us learn from our mistakes and pass on our wisdom, not our wounds.

Young Adults

Young Adults 

Balance – Self Awareness – Vision

Being a teenager is definitely not easy. With young people being guided by the world of social media as their compass it’s understandable how they can feel lonely, isolated, confused and out of balance. 


Over the past few years, teenagers and young adults have gravitated towards me in search of answers. I always tell them that I can’t do the learning for them but I am honoured to help them find their own inner connection. 


I teach how to observe the mind, how to befriend their inner critic and how to tame and heal their fears. I show them how to connect with their breath in doing so they begin the journey of communicating with their soul. I guide them with bodywork to help them accept, nurture and feel safe in their body. I teach how to understand the organic laws of manifestation and how to make heart led choices.    


I work with teenagers on a one to one basis (online and in person- depending on current Government restrictions) and soon I will begin my small group sessions (both online and in person-depending on current Government restrictions). 


I look forward to keeping you posted on any updates.


Wisdom of the Well

The Divine Feminine is rising on our planet and balance is once again being restored. 

I am a priestess of Mary Magdalene and I am devoted to the path of the Magdalene. The Magdalene consciousness is an ancient wisdom that is carried by many women. Those who hold these codes are quite often drawn to learn about Mary Magdalene or have an affinity to Mother Mary. It is my honour to help women remember this connection and to guide them as they reignite their Magdalene flame. 

Wisdom of the Womb

I work with women to help them awaken the wisdom of their wombs, to reconnect with their bodies and honour their femininity and sensuality. I help women to understand the relationship between the cycles of the moon and how it impacts on their menstrual cycle. I teach how we can connect deeply with the rhythm of our body to restore balance and improve our overall feminine health and well being. I offer workshops, retreats and online programmes.


Magdalene Womb Blessing

This is a very intimate and individual womb blessing using ancient traditions. A womb blessing is unique to each lady but many experience profound healing and release from sexual trauma, an awakening of their serpent energy and a deeper connection to their womb.


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