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Happy Full Moon in Libra Everyone

We all know that the moon phases impact on our emotions. As a primary school teacher for almost two decades I would observe with curiosity how the moon impacted on the children in my class. The time of the Full Moon is dreaded and feared by many teachers as the children are labeled as being ‘wired to the moon’ meaning they can become more emotional and sometimes more energetic and difficult to ‘handle’ (not unlike our own inner child). It’s a time that can bring chaos if we don’t know how to work with this energy.

All phases of the moon are here to help us. Today let us look at the Full Moon in Libra. Libra is all about bringing balance, unity, interconnection and beauty. It likes harmony in relationships. So, what could we expect during this Full Moon? Anything, that needs our attention in order to bring it into balance will come up to be seen, it may appear in your relationship with ‘yourself’, your family, your work colleagues. We then get to choose whether we run and hide under our duvet until it passes or we take this opportunity with both hands to observe our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I like to look at each Full Moon an opportunity for ‘self’ mastery. If we observe with compassion we will be shown the areas that need our tender loving care. The false beliefs we hold will shout louder, just like the children in my class who needed reassurance and kindness, so too your inner child will cry out for your attention. Remind yourself that any story you tell yourself can have a different ending. You are the author of your reality. Let’s choose beauty, harmony and non reactive behaviour during this phase.

Honour all the emotions which come up to be felt. Remember, these feelings surface be felt before they can be released. Let’s not shove them back down. Your feelings and emotions are just ‘energy in motion’. They only cause pain when we avoid ‘feeling’. That’s when the ’emotion’ looses it’s natural flow through your body and gets stuck and trapped as pain (physical, emotional, mental). This Full Moon will say ‘ok, here I come! Are you ready to feel me so I can be dissolved with love?’ Release the old, make way for more balance and beauty in your life.

Much love,

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