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4x Womb Yoga Sessions

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4x Womb Yoga Sessions

July Womb Yoga Dates: 

We will be connecting with the Water Element, our energetic womb, our emotions & grounding in nature during this Cancer season. This month is powerful for connecting with our womb & restoring balance so we have more clarity in our decision making, more creativity & passion in our lives. Cancer season invites us to explore our connection to our physical body & ask ourselves 'how can I feel more at home in my own skin'? Falling in love with our bodies is a journey but it begins with connection, movement, softness, kindness & the intention to make that first commitment to yourself. 

Many women don't realise how disconnected they have been from their womb energy until they begin to connect with these powerful practices. We use Aramaic Codes through sound & movement & light language to awaken templates that are already stored within you. 

I have had women tell me of changes that occurred in their moon cycle after just one class practicing together! The changes are tangible & transformative. 

I encourage every woman to connect with their womb however you feel called to do so. There are many beautiful women dedicated to helping you reconnect with your feminine power & wisdom both online & in-person. 

If you live close to the Wexford area and feel you would like to explore awakening to the mysteries of your womb I would be honoured to accompany you throughout this Month of July. 

Much Love, 



Womb Yoga
Womb Yoga