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Remember: 8 week course

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Remember: 8 week course

Weekly Live Calls (recorded) Tuesday 8pm- 9.30pm (Ireland & UK time)

Begins: Tuesday November 1st - Tuesday December 20th
Investment:  €222 (1 payment)
8 x €33 (Weekly Payments)
Course Outline:

Shekinah - Divine Feminine Presence

We connect with the Presence of Shekinah & invite HER into our hearts so we can begin to co-create with HER.

Cosmic Mother - The Black Madonna 

We return to the Cosmos & connect with the Pure Black Infinite Light of Creation. We welcome the black Madonna in her Cosmic Aspect & surrender into her embrace.

Mother Mary- Compassionate Heart

We allow the presence of the Divine Mother to guide us through Mother Mary. Here we awaken our hearts to compassion at an even deeper level.

Mother Mary- Lemuria

We return to the Crystalline waters of Lemuria connecting with the Mer Beings, the Dolphins Wisdom & a time in our evolution that still holds many keys for us to remember.

Mary Magdalene- Our Inner Cave -The Serpent

We are held by Mary Magdalene as we go inward to sit in our inner caves. We connect with our serpent energy & allow the dance to guide us back into our hearts.

Yeshua - Lower Waters- Inner Alchemy

Yeshua leads us in a powerful ceremony where we honour the Divine Masculine.

Mary Magdalene & Yeshua- Divine Sacred Union 

Together, Mary Magdalene & Yeshua lead us to a place where we hold our Inner masculine & Inner Feminine in tenderness until we are ready to allow inner union within.

Sara Tamar- The Dragon Awakens

Sarah teaches us how to connect with the cosmic dragon energy & how to hold this energy on our bodies.

Mary Magdalene & Sara Tamar- Legacy- New Earth

Together Sarah Tamar & Mary Magdalene show us what it means to be the rainbow bridge & how we can make a difference in anchoring New Earth.


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